Chemicals and Cleaners

Keeping your restaurant and equipment clean and running smoothly is essential for any successful business. Every business has need of some type of cleanser or chemical product, whether it's simple hand soap, to degreasers. Foodservice Superstore is your one-stop-shop for all the chemicals and cleaners you need in your business. We offer top name brands like Clorox, Procter and Gamble, 3M, Bar Maid, Rational, and many others.

For general cleaning in any establishment, a good all purpose cleaner is a must have. These cleaners will clean bathrooms, countertops, tiles, and more. Keeping bathrooms clean for customers is a must! Not only do you need to keep the bathroom stocked, but you'll want a good hand soap out for both customers and especially employees. This is especially true in cases where the bathroom is shared. Of course, every restaurant, bar, diner, and other foodservice establishment has dishes to do! We carry a wide selection of dish detergent and rinses to meet the needs of your commercial kitchen.

Foodservice Superstore has numerous cleaners and chemicals ranging from window cleaners, oven and grill cleaners, fryer cleaners, floor cleaners, descalers, coffee machine cleaners, beer tap cleaners, and many others. From sanitizers and disinfectants to food grade machine lubricants, we have everything you need to keep your business spotless and running efficiently year after year.