Toilet Paper and Dispensers

Toilet paper is a thin, strong roll of translucent paper that is used in restrooms all over the world. It's something that every restaurant, office building, healthcare facility, or other business and home needs a good supply of. Not only do we have strong rolls of 1 ply or 2 ply toilet paper, but we have commercial toilet paper dispensers designed for use in a variety of businesses. Our dispensers come in numerous styles ranging from simple roll holders to enclosed, protected toilet tissue dispensers that are used in high traffic areas. At Foodservice Superstore we offer toilet paper and toilet paper dispensers from top brands like Continental Commercial, SCA Tork, and San Jamar to name only a few.

Our toilet paper dispensers dispense any brand or quality of bath tissue. They are designed for optimum functionality and simplicity, so customers have easy access to toilet paper. Many of our dispensers have small teeth on all sides to provide multi-directional tearing of the paper itself, so customers are not frustrated by uneven tears. They are designed with tops that prevent them from being abused, but also look attractive in any style bathroom. We have horizontal or vertical styled toilet paper dispensers, so they will fit in any type of commercial or public restroom.