Towels and Towel Dispensers

Paper towels are great to have in any public setting. But you don't want to use just standard rolls of paper towels, because of sanitary concerns. So no matter what type of paper towels you need, it's a necessity to have paper towel dispensers that are mounted to a wall and designed to keep things clean, efficient, and cost effective. Hand towel dispensers are a great alternative to hot air dryers that many businesses choose to use for just that reason. Paper towels are actually more sanitary for use than air dryers, because air dryers might be releasing bacteria-laden air, which puts microbes on washed hands. Using paper towels from a hand towel dispenser is a great way to increase hand washing while not spreading germs.

Having the right equipment for hand washing, like soap, warm water, and hand towels encourages hand washing and reduces the risk of an unsanitary environment. At Foodservice Superstore we offer a wide variety of paper towels, ranging from C-Fold towels, center pull towels, multi-fold towels, and roll towels. Of course, in order to dispenser these paper towels efficiently, you will need high quality towel dispensers. We offer towel dispenser in a variety of styles, shapes, and designs so you can find the one that fits your needs and decor.