Apparel - Non Disposable

Keep your staff looking professional with our selection of non disposable apparel. We offer everything from aprons, chef coats, hats, pants, shoes, gloves, and even socks. We offer apparel from top name brands like San Jamar, John Ritzenthaler, Mozo Shoes, Magid Glove, and many others. Designed to be attractive as well as functional, our apparel comes in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. We will help you create a lasting impression with your customers, as your staff will be uniform and polished. Most chef and kitchen apparel is made of cotton or a cotton blend which tends to absorb sweat and keep your staff comfortable.

Aprons are an important aspect to any establishment, both front of the house, and back of the house. They come in numerous styles and may serve as part of a uniform, or just a way to keep clothes clean. Chef's coats are common in finer restaurants and catered events for the staff to wear. They are usually combined with Chef's pants and Chef's hats. The double layering of the coat helps provide heat resistance, which is obviously important for those who spend hours in the kitchen. At Foodservice Superstore, our non disposable apparel makes it easy to let your cooks look their best at all times.