Food Storage Containers and Lids

Proper food storage is an important part of every restaurant or catering business. Plastic food storage containers efficiently, safely, and attractively store and transport all types of food from dry storage areas, refrigerators, and freezers to work stations or directly into food displays. Tight-fitting lids seal in freshness and keep air out, protecting foods from contamination and bacteria. Professional-grade containers are available at Foodservice Superstore from top brands including Cambro, Carlisle, Prolon, and Rubbermaid, and come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colors to meet all of your food storage requirements.

Plastic food storage containers are typically made out of three different types of materials – polycarbonate, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Polycarbonate plastic is crystal-clear, hard, and virtually unbreakable. It can withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 degrees, and is highly resistant to stains, odors, and food acids and oils. It provides excellent product visibility. Polyethylene is typically clear or translucent in color and is softer and more pliable. Polypropylene is typically white or opaque in color and is stiffer and more rigid than polypropylene. Both polyethylene and polypropylene are resistant to stains and chemicals, and can withstand temperatures of -40 to 160 degrees. All three plastics are dishwasher-safe.

Make sure to select the storage container that best fits your needs. Square storage containers generally take up less space than round storage containers, are stackable, and are ideal for storing non-liquid foods and dry ingredients. Round containers are well-suited for liquids, soup stocks, and gravies. Graduated markings on the outside of containers provide for easy measurement and inventory readings. Color-coded lids allow quick identification and retrieval. Specialized food storage containers such as dough boxes, drain boxes, salad crocks, and ingredient bins provide unique solutions that make food and meal preparation easier, faster, and safer. 

Foodservice Superstore has a complete selection of plastic food storage containers to meet all of your commercial kitchen needs.