Condiment Pumps

Any convenience store, concession stand, or food cart that serves hot dogs, nachos, pretzels and more knows that condiments pumps are an essential to have. Continental has a great selection of condiment pumps for serving ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and other condiments. No matter what your needs, Continental's dispenser pumps are cost effective and you will find just what you are looking for at Foodservice Superstore.

Great for portion control, Continental's condiment pumps come in a variety of sizes, and lengths. Your sauces and condiments can be thick or thin, and our condiment pumps will work great. Made of polypropylene, our condiment pumps greatly improve your prep times and keep your areas clean and free from messes. Restaurants, cafeterias, or healthcare facilities and even tanning salons can benefit from our lids and pumps. Made of FDA and USDA approved materials, you can replace the pump on the sanitizer dispenser near hospital rooms or nurse stations. Lotion jugs are large and it's a good idea to keep some extra food pumps on hand as replacements for that as well. The pumps can be attached to jugs that are up to 5 gallons in capacity. Each pump dispenses around 1 ounce of product per pump, which means great portion control and excellent profits!

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