Mops and Mop Heads

Foodservice Superstore knows how important cleanliness is to any foodservice establishment. Customers want your business to be clean and tidy, especially the floor! The dining area, bathroom floor, entrances, and other high traffic areas need to be cleaned regularly. There are many things that happen during the day that causes your floors to be dirty, so having a great mop is a must! Mops are a necessity in any restaurant, grocery store, commercial kitchen, and Continental offers a great selection of mops and mop heads to help you keep your business clean.

Our selection of mop heads come in a variety of sizes and capacities, so no matter how big your floors are, you'll be able to find a mop that will make cleaning your floors quick and easy. Continental's mops are made of high quality natural materials with superior construction for excellent absorption and retention of liquids. These wet mops will keep your hard floors free of stains and shining bright. These mops will make your job more efficient while still providing high quality cleanliness for any industrial, commercial, or foodservice establishment. Continental's mop heads will ensure all your sanitary requirements are maintained, and Foodservice Superstore will make sure you don't break your wallet to do it.

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