Vollrath has been part of the foodservice industry for over 135 years. Not only do they create long lasting and innovative foodservice equipment, but they also have a vision of environmentally friendly products, sustainable manufacturing, and more efficient foodservice. Vollrath began in 1974 in Wisconsin with very humble beginnings, and has grown to have locations all over the world. Initially, they produced railroad frogs, small cast parts for the furniture industry, cooking ranges, and agricultural implements. Beginning in 1900, Vollrath began to dedicate it's efforts in producing high quality cast iron kitchen utensils. They specialized in producing products for government products. Vollrath decentralized in the 1980s, forming nine separate divisions of the company.

Vollrath now serves every industry from traditional restaurants to stadiums, arenas, and airports with products including smallwares, warmers, dishwashing equipment, countertop cooking equipment, and more. Vollrath was considered to be a pioneer in the extensive use of such equipment in business and service. They offer a full range of parts and have service agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada to make repairs as quick and easy as possible. Vollrath has continued to grow recently and expand their product offering. In 2011, Traex was purchased which expanded the plastic products offered. Foodservice Superstore has an extensive line of Vollrath products to meet the needs of any restaurant, hotel, healthcare facility, and any other foodservice establishment.