Porcelana Dinnerware

The Porcelana dinnerware pattern from World Tableware is one of our best sellers and goes well with many different table settings. Porcelana has several different types of plates in it's line that come in narrow rim or rolled edge. The bowls also have distinct shapes and work well with many settings. With options for round, square or triangular presentations, the Porcelana is sure to please.

The Porcelana collection comes in a variety of styles, including Coupe, Infinity, Narrow Rim, and Rolled Edge. Each style has it's own unique presentation, which is why Porcelana is so popular. No matter what style of decor you have in your restaurant, diner or cafe, the Porcelana pattern is perfect for you. You can decorate your table settings however you like, even mix and match the different styles to find the one that creates beauty and elegance. With a wide range of dinnerware and accessories, the Porcelana collection offers dinner plates, salad and bread plates, platters, cups and saucers, fruit dishes, bouillon cups, mugs, and more.

The Porcelana Coupe pattern has is as elegant as it is simple. With a gradual edge, the pattern comes in a variety of shapes, like square or triangular, to give your table setting a uniqueness that your customers will enjoy. The Infinity pattern features a selection of bowls, that perfectly illustrate the smooth design of the Porcelana line. The rolled edge and narrow rim patterns are the most popular, again being simplistic in design, but tough enough to last for years. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this dinnerware is sure to be a favorite in your restaurant, or foodservice establishment.