1/2 Size PanSaver, 23" x 18" (100/CS)

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Pan Saver® Pan Liners prevent food from "baking-on" & "burning on" to the pot or pan surface. A convenient, time saving kitchen aid will save a lot of time as pans don't have to be soaked/scrubbed. Liners can be used in temperatures up to 400° F. Using the PanSaver Liner eliminates the direct food-to-hot metal contact which results in loss of moisture. Moisture helps contribute flavor and temperature to the food. In recent tests, food cooked in PanSaver lined pans is on average 20° F warmer than food held in a pan without PanSaver. Case includes 1,000 liners.


Manufacturer M & Q Packaging
Model Number 42926
Dimensions 23" x 18" (WxL)
Weight 4 lbs.

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1/2 Size PanSaver, 23" x 18" (100/CS)

  • Mfg. Model #: 42926
  • Sold as: per case
$46.46 100 per case

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Product Features

  • For use with half size pans, 23" x 18"
  • Prevents burned on food in food pans
  • Makes food safer with less chance of contamination
  • Protects plumbing with no grease going down the drain
  • Case of 1,000