Candles, Lighting and Fuel

A great way to set the mood in any restaurant is with the use of candles. Candles are used in a variety of settings like romantic dinners, mood lighting, birthday celebrations and more. Taper candles are the type of candle that most people think of when thinking about candles. These common candles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and even scents. Tealight and votive candles are designed to set the right mood and can be used in a variety of settings. You'll need items to light your candles such as matches, lighters, and butane in order to keep your areas well lit. Butane is a common fuel used in inexpensive lighters and are used both professionally and personally.

Chafing fuel and liquid fuel cells are another necessary item used in chafing dishes for catered events, parties, and buffets. These fuel cells slide underneath your chafing dishes and are designed to burn anywhere from 2-6 hours and will keep your food hot and ready to serve. Gels tend to burn hotter than liquid fuels and can also be spill proof, which will help keep customers safe. No matter what type of candle or lighting you are looking for, Foodservice Superstore has what you need all at low wholesale prices.