Disposable Apparel

Disposable apparel helps keep your employees clean while complying with health codes at all times. Disposable items like aprons, gloves, hair nets, and chef hats prevent cross-contamination of food items and prevent things like hair getting into food or near customer eating areas. These items are very important for use in full service cafeterias, buffets, or even other non foodservice locations like pet groomers. Many establishments have need to keep employees as mobile as possible. Disposable apparel allows employees to serve food and then when needed, remove the apron or gloves and serve customers. This way their clothing stays clean and professional looking, as any stains or messes will spill onto the apron. Since they are disposable, there's no need to wash them, so disposable apparel is easy to use and convenient. We have the right disposable apparel to keep your establishment clean and presentable.

Foodservice Superstore has a large selection of disposable apparel items including aprons, chef hats, gloves and hair nets. Without the costly expense of cloth or vinyl, the disposable items will save you money. Disposable apparel eliminates the need for washing, which is advantageous in delis, cafeterias, and any other establishment where cleanliness is important. Most of the time, customers want there servers or food prep individuals to use separate gloves when handling different foods. There are many options available in disposable apparel, and we are here to make sure you give your customers the best experience possible.